Select Sires graduates Holstein and Jersey sires to proven lineup

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PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 7, 2021 – The April sire summaries resulted in nine Holstein and two Jersey graduates for Select Sires. The nine progeny-proven Holsteins are fathered by seven different sires offering a variety of pedigrees and genetic specialists.  

“Select Sires builds genetic models based on the needs of the market and utilizes the best scientific tools to navigate the unknowns and ensure genetic advancement,” said Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding. “We are excited to offer customer-owners the best, most diverse lineup in the industry, backed by the greatest sales and service professionals.”

Select Sires Highlights

  • 7HO12985 AIRJET hails from the heart of the Sandy-Valley Sapphire cow family and debuts among the industry’s top-50 TPI® sires (+2736). He offers big-league production (+2,285 Milk) with +1.76 Udder Composite (UDC).
  • 7HO13826 RUSTY-RED offers breed-leading Sire Conception Rate (+3.7 SCR) and fantastic components (+0.15% Fat, +0.08% Protein). In addition to his FertilityPRO® status, he also qualifies for Select Sires’ new Mastitis ResistantPROTM designation.
  • 7HO13840 EZRA is a well-balanced 7HO12697 LAIDLAW son from a proven, profitable cow family. He qualifies for FeedPRO®, GrazingPRO® and Mastitis ResistantPRO designations.
  • 7HO13954 HOGAN improves fertility with positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+0.9 DPR) and leading sire fertility (+3.0 SCR).
  • 7HO14059 WALTER is a rare and early 7HO12569 HEISENBERG son. He is A2A2 Beta-Casein, BB Kappa-Casein and combines profitable component values (+0.08% Fat, +0.06% Protein) for ideal cheese yields. WALTER is a FeedPRO sire and carries the RobotPRO® designation, making him an ideal match for automated milking systems.
  • 7HO14125 HUEY is one of 7HO12788 FRAZZLED’s first daughter-proven sons and a new top-25 TPI sire. He offers a balanced proof with emphasis on health and wellness. HUEY is FeedPRO, RobotPRO and GrazingPRO designated.
  • 7HO14195 ZEB is Mastitis ResistantPRO designated and boasts elite health, wellness and fitness traits. He transmits +5.1 Productive Life (PL), +1.6 DPR and +1.6 Livability (LIV).
  • 7JE1605 MR SWAGGER and 7JE1628 AMP join the daughter-proven Jersey lineup. MR SWAGGER is a ShowcaseTM sire with a show-winning pedigree known for making quality mammary systems. AMP transmits positive components (+0.14% Fat, +0.08% Protein) with game-changing fertility on all fronts (+3.0 DPR, +3.6 Heifer Conception Rate, +3.7 Cow Conception Rate).

Accelerated Genetics Highlights

  • 14HO14085 SOLUTION is an Elite Sexed FertilityTM sire. He offers a balanced breeding profile to improve production and health in the next generation.
  • 14HO14169 SOPRANO offers a FRAZZLED-free pedigree with A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein. He also boosts in conception with +1.8 SCR.   

gender Selected™ SEXEDULTRA™

  • RUSTY-RED, HUEY, SOLUTION, SOPRANO, MR SWAGGER and AMP are all available with sex-sorted semen.

For more information about individual sires, please visit and use the new Advanced Sire Search to locate and sort sires that match your genetic goals. To access sires from the palm of your hand, download Select Sires Mobile from your app store today!

Source:  04/21 CDCB Genomic Evaluation, AJCA/HA Type Evaluation %Rel: AIRJET Yield 95, Type 91; RUSTY-RED SCR 97, Yield 95; HOGAN DPR 76, SCR 97; WALTER Yield 95; ZEB PL 81, DPR 79, LIV 76; SOPRANO SCR 98; AMP Yield 94, DPR 76, HCR 79, CCR 76. Both Jersey sires are JH1F, JNSF and BBR 100.


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