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You can never step in the same river twice. In other words, the world is ever-changing. This rings true for genetics as well – the genetic pool is always evolving – and producers are continually updating and developing their breeding philosophies to create the best animal possible to meet their management goals. 

The implementation of genomics accelerated genetic progress and allowed for greater control over desired genes in the dairy industry. Select Sires’ Aggressive Reproductive Technology™ (ART™) program minimizes generation intervals while creating sires that meet the needs of the modern dairy cattle producer that might otherwise not be met with popular breeding strategies. 

By acquiring elite females and partnering with top genetic herds around the world, ART can widen the genetic pool, reduce the trend of advanced inbreeding and produce more high-ranking sires at a faster rate. The program can also develop bulls who satisfy specific niche genetic needs that might not be a priority for traditional breeding programs. The program grew by 40% in 2022 and will transfer an estimated 15,000 embryos this year, resulting in approximately 5,000 live calves. 

Diversity of genetics is of utmost importance for ART. Roughly 40% of Select Sires’ Holstein sires are ART graduates, with 60% acquired from dairy producers across the United States and Canada. We know that often the main goal of U.S. dairy producers is to breed elite, high-ranking females as they are the animals who make farmers the most money. However, as a global company it is imperative to be cognizant of traits that may be more attractive for international markets or that may align with specific management styles, such as Polled genetics and grazing bulls. Slick genetics have experienced increased focus over the past five years as well, developing bulls with a greater heat tolerance for use in grazing herds or herds in tropical environments. 

As you seek out the most optimal genetic solutions for your herd, remember the Select Sires lineup and the ART of fine breeding. 


Select Sires works closely with Jersey breeders to develop sires that meet the needs of niche markets and prioritize important industry traits like health and wellness.

Victory 56085 Renfrow 61184 {5} (VG-84%) Victory Farms LLC, Revillo, SD

  • No. 9 JPI™ proven sire in the breed
  • No. 1 CW$™ proven Jersey sire in the Select Sires lineup
  • No. 4 DWP$® proven Jersey sire in the Select Sires lineup
  • First Jersey ART daughter-proven graduate

By sourcing and developing high-quality Polled genetics, Select Sires is providing a management solution without compromising genetic gains. Other benefits of Polled genetics include animal welfare, elimination of dehorning tasks and management, and consumer confidence.

S-S-I Zipit 11293 11891P-ET (EX-91-2E-EX-MS) Third dam of bob ross-p

  • An easy-to-use sire due to his unique sire stack that complements Polled lines
  • Mastitis ResistantPRO® and udder-improving traits
  • Develop healthy, profitable cattle for the next generation of your herd
  • Six generations of ART breeding

Heat stress is a challenge for dairy farmers around the world, with many using different cooling systems to help tackle hot and humid seasons. In some regions and operations though, the solution isn’t quite as straightforward. Take grazing herds or tropical environments for example; year-round exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity can be difficult to manage using environmental control measures alone. At Select Sires our mission is to provide slick genetics in the most advanced genetic merit package possible.

progenesis tango fancy (VG-85) fourth dam of chip

  • No.1 GTPI®, HHP$, CM$ and CFP slick gene sire in the Select Sires lineup
  • Boosts long-term profitability and adds components
  • Increases your herd's ability to tolerate heat

Select Sires’ XD program offers the best of Holstein and Jersey genetics in a simplified approach to producing high efficiency cows for your milking string. You can expect efficient component production while keeping body size in check.

S-S-I Suprsire miri 8679-et (ex-90-ex-ms-gmd-dom) dam of ur tigerwoods

  • Jersey x Holstein cross with more than 240 daughters in his production proof
  • No. 1 HHP$, NM$, CM$, Milk and CFP with positive DPR
  • A2A2 Beta-Casein and AB Kappa-Casein
  • Elite Sexed Fertility™ sire for added confidence

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