Accuracy. No less.

The CowManager® is a revolutionary ear tag system that provides accurate information about your herd's fertility, health, nutrition and location around the clock. All measurements are taken by a computer microchip that is placed in the ear, either on an existing EID button or the optional blank EID eartags, making it unique from most other systems on the market. The system includes three modules that provide individual action alerts for health, fertility and nutrition by constantly monitoring activity, rumination, eating time and temperature. This system incorporates several plug and play components including the sensor, the router/coordinator and a reliable internet connection to access the CowManager program. The Find my Cow™ locator is also an added option to utilize the built in Find my Cow feature.


CowManager's new Nutrition module provides actionable insights regarding feed and transition management on dairy farms. The module has been expanded with clear graphs and user-friendly comparison functionality. Timely notifications regarding cows at risk during the transition period, heat stress, low feed intake, and herd health help to focus a producer’s attention where it is needed most. These notifications allow the producer to approach herd management in a preventive, proactive, and precise manner, resulting in better cow health and a more productive herd. 



The CowManager® system is one of the most reliable heat detection systems on the market. Not only does it provide information on the optimal time for insemination, but it also provides insights into the cow's cycle — giving you all the information you need to make a pregnancy. 



Providing early and reliable detection of cow ailments can mean large cost savings for you. Early detection means there are less health issues, reduced use of antibiotics, decreased production loss and lower labor costs. The CowManager® system can alert you to many possible ailments from mastitis to displaced abomasums.

Find My Cow™

No more hide and seek. Searching for cows in heat, sick cows, cull cows and cows in the wrong pens on dairies from 10 to 10,000 cows will now be an easy and time-saving task, allowing you to spend your valuable time elsewhere. Find my Cow's user-friendly cow locator fits in your pocket and enables you to locate cows in the barn, outside on the feed lot or on pasture.


Your sales representative, along with your SRS® specialist, will help you through the entire process of purchasing and installing your CowManager system. Fill out the form below if you’d like to be contacted by your sales representative to discuss the system and get a customized quote for your investment in CowManager.


CowManager allows me to keep a good handle on what is going on with cows or heifers in heat without being there to watch them. I really like the CowManager app. I am able to watch the alert data all day long. The information provided allows me to determine when to breed cows based on the data. With the help of CowManager, we were able to get an A.I. service into nearly every cow and heifer before they went to summer pasture with clean-up bulls. I am looking forward to using CowManager to improve our success in putting in embryos. I like this system a lot and have recommended it to other beef cattle owners.

- Wayne Fischer, Stonecreek Black Angus, Freeport, IL

With the dairy industry changing so rapidly, the farming community has to adapt. Everything we do today will affect tomorrow. That’s where family comes into the family farm – we want to be here, we want to pass it on. CowManager is another tool in our arsenal to be more profitable, productive and efficient.

- Andy Paulus, Paulus Dairy, Fredonia, WI

A money saver? CowManager is a money maker! The Fertility module has paid for itself in one year with lower days in milk, timely and cost-effective artificial insemination, and better heat detection. We actually paid for the Health module with the results of the Fertility module.

- Brody Stapel, Double Dutch Dairy LLC, WI